"I have painted in some form or another all of my life. It is a process where I feel most at home and where my curiosity is always piqued.

In each painting I explore the evocation of mood through texture and colour. With blatant overlapping strokes and under mixed colours I aim to reflect the unrefined, richly textured landscape that is my backyard."



Tara Higgins’ bold brush strokes and intuitive sense of colour allow her paintings to become striking impressions of the unrefined, richly textured landscapes that inspire her.

Drawn to painting from an early age she has studied it’s nuances in Oxford, England; Venice, Italy; Amsterdam, Holland and in the USA. After graduating from university with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Tara continued her study of painting under the mentorship of K.B. Hancock, a world-renowned landscape painter. She has also had the privilege of a mentorship with the reputed Canadian figurative artist Angela Morgan.

Tara Higgins’ work has appeared internationally in magazines, newspapers and television and is hung in private and corporate collections around the globe.