Kathini Cameron is an international yoga and meditation practitioner currently living and practising in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe and Kenya, Kathini’s passion for the great outdoors continues to influence her teaching. Inviting her students to explore the magic of silent walks and forest meditation brings balance and a playfulness off the yoga mat. She hopes to awaken the senses and still the mind with her use of essential oils and world music. Her Hatha Yoga focus has evolved to include a more mindful Yin Yoga style. Here she energizes her yogis to find postures that suit the individual, benefiting their own body and being in that moment of practice. 

Kathini’s stay at Auroville in Southern India 10 years ago enabled her to focus on a Thai Yoga Massage course which inspired her to understand the deeper workings of the muscles and ligaments used in the asanas. Her practice continues to be influenced and enriched by Paul Grilley and Martin Kirk on anatomy and body alignment.

“Kathini's class are so often just what is needed, like a good hug!Angie Topan

Married to a headmaster of international boarding schools, Kathini benefits from working closely with school children and staff members of these residential communities. For the past 7 years in Norway she continued to develop her teaching to suit the needs of her students - ranging from teenagers drawn from conflict and post-conflict countries to retired farmers in the Norwegian Fjords!

With a Mindfulness in Schools' certificate from Edinburgh, Scotland, and a Relationship Counselling degree with Relate from London University, Kathini continues to be curious. She is keen to explore the teaching and practice of the Pacific West Coast and to develop her own wellness practice further.